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  • Anti-Trojan Shield  v. Shield is an advanced, highly effective blocker of Trojans, worms, viruses, and other malicious tools. It efficiently scans, detects, and removes malicious files, while maintaining an exceptional level of personal privacy and security.
  • Trend Micro RUBotted  v. BetaRUBotted monitors your computer for potential infection and suspicious activities associated with bots. Bots are malicious files that enable cybercriminals to secretly take control of your computer. Upon discovering a potential infection, RUBotted ...
  • ZbotKiller  v. special utility ZbotKiller.
  • FileModifiedMonitor  v.1.1.1File Modified Monitor is a utility that will inform you via email about modified files in a given root folder and it's sub folders. It's a non memory resident command line application that can be typically used to monitor file modifications on ...
  • DE-Cleaner  v. using our DE-Cleaner you will free your computer from malicious threats.
  • Adware . Punisher Removal Tool  v.1.0Adware.
  • Free Security Master  v.6.7.4Free Security Master is a free antispyware utility that targets spyware, adware, malicious code, and other threats. It is your comprehensive anti-spyware solution to detect and remove a wide variety of spyware to protect your PC.
  • DriveSentry  v.3.1.2DriveSentry provides FREE PC security, dedicated to protecting your system and data from the very latest zeroday threats. It will also protect any number of removable devices connected to the host computer, preventing damage to your data.
  • GProtector  v.3.1GProtector completely protects your computer at its primary connection point ( the Web browser ) and tightly restricts any intrusive activity. It stops any annoying unsolicited pop-up windows including those popups when you are closing some web ...
  • In Or Out  v.1.0.1In Or Out is a software version of the good old in/out boards found in offices to allow other colleagues and the secretary know if a person/employee/boss is in or out of the office. The advantages of having this noticeboard in a software form, allows ...
  • Endpoint Protector Basic  v. protect your PC, we recommend to use Endpoint Protector Basic to monitor and control ports and interfaces such as USB, FireWire, card reader, CD / DVD, etc on your PC. This will protect them against unwanted use of portable storage devices like ...
  • RemoveIT Pro 4 SE  v.17.01.2011RemoveIT Pro removes many viruses that other popular antivirus software cannot discover. If you can't clean your computer from worms and viruses, adwares and spywares, then you should try with this software. RemoveIT Pro is an easy-to-use security ...
  • Signal Fire  v.1.0Signal Fire is a new kind of Anti-Virus framework designed specifically to ignore the "bullshittery" of these massive security and AV companies like Symantec, McAfee and TrendMicro. These companies are responsible for marking a great ...
  • DefenseWall for Windows  v.3.17DefenseWall wins when your anti-virus fails.
  • Shell Detect  v.1.3Shell Detect is the FREE tool to detect presence of Shell Code within a file or network stream.
  • Kaspersky Free  v. in Kaspersky Lab believe that everyone has a right to be protected. With our new anti-virus based on award-wining technologies you can protect your computer without slowing it down.
  • Kaspersky Free Antivirus  v. Free Antivirus is everything you need to protect your PC for free. Free antivirus software from Kaspersky includes file, email and web antivirus, automatic updates, self-defense, quarantine and more.
  • Duplicate files manager  v.4.0Duplicate files manager help you find out and clean duplicate files,expand disk space and optimize disk. You could find files with same content , same file name or same size . And compare two folders,find out same files between these two groups .
  • Lock Files and Folders  v.1.4Lock Files & Folders can lock your files and folders without encrypting them. It stops users from moving, renaming, deleting and opening files.
  • Compare Excel Files  v.2.1Excel compare offers computer aided comparison of Excel files and saves trouble of manually searching for differences. It compares data straight from worksheets and presents results on new Excel sheet as difference report ready to print or save.
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